Oil & Gas

ExOne® binder jetting technology produces parts with enhanced wear-resistance, corrosion resistance, strength and density for use in oil and gas drilling applications, mining, and renewable solutions in the energy sector.

Sand Printing Systems Skip Tooling and Assembly

ExOne provides a fast and cost-effective way to produce impeller cores and volute shapes, regardless of size or complexity. Design changes are easily accommodated by simply changing the 3D CAD model and reprinting the core(s). ExOne 3D printers can generate an entire mold package, or just the cores (where the cope and drag are produced conventionally, and the printed cores are placed into the mold package). This “hybrid” approach is used when the cores are complex, eliminating the need for a core box. 金型を分割して造形できるため、造形ボックスのサイズに制限されない大規模な鋳造が可能になります。


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